First week in Sydney

I’ve been here in Sydney for a week now and I absolutely love it! Since I’ve been working every day this summer, and some days even double shifts, I haven’t really been able to plan that much before I arrived. I only booked a one way ticket and I’m thinking I’ll just go with the flow and see what happens. That’s the way to do it as a backpacker though.

I’m not in a real hurry getting a job. I’ll settle in and relax for a few weeks first. I haven’t had vacation this year so… I’ve been really busy going out almost every night. So much fun. I stay at a hostel called Wake Up. It’s really nice and there’s so many nice people here. Next week I will probably find another place to stay that’s a little bit cheaper. I really wanna go stay at a hostel close to the beach for a little while, so I might do that.
A couple of days ago it was the start of the “fun week” that the work and travel company is organizing. On Tuesday we went on a ferry to get to this island outside Sydney. We did some hiking up the mountains and went to a beach to have a swim and then we had lunch in a beautiful park by the dock before we got on the ferry again.
Yesterday we had to get up really early to drive for three hours to get to Hunter Valley (wine district) to do some wine tasting. That was really fun and interesting. We also did some chocolate tasting and got to see some kangaroos on our way back.
I’m having some troubles getting pictures up on the blog, but later today or tomorrow I’ll try to do a post with pictures from the last week. I know that’s much more interesting than a long text. We’re soon off to the Sydney Tower to have lunch up there, and after we are going to a museum.

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